Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday is the new Friday! -- Take 2

    Ahh, it's the end of the day and I'm watching NC State take on the 'Noles. (Go Pack!) How did the rest of my day go, you ask. Did I do any of what I needed? Well, after my first post today, it was nearly time for Abby to take her morning nap. When I went to get her up, she was already up. But was she in her crib? No. WHAT?!?!?! No she was not in her crib. She was on the floor playing. Didn't I  hear anything that would've aroused my suspicion that something was off, you say. When I heard her crying about twenty minutes prior to going in there, I looked at the video monitor (courtesy of Nate's parents when Kyleigh was going through her poop phase...that's a story for another day) and could've swore I saw her little head in the crib where it was supposed to be. Then the crying stopped. I thought she had gone back to sleep. But yes, the crib is as low as it goes and it will now be turned around since the back is higher than the front. 
    After that fun surprise, lunch was greeted by a minor four year old meltdown. I decided that going to Party City to get Abby's costume would be a good way to use up the time until afternoon naps. This was greeted by the mother of all four year old meltdowns-- just trying to get her socks and shoes on, that is. Getting the socks and shoes on should have taken five minutes. The whole ordeal of the tantrum followed by timeout, took about forty minutes. And we still decided to go to Party City, which actually turned out fine. Abby will be a bear since that is her favorite thing at the moment.
    Abigail was so tired that she fell asleep in the car on the way home and didn't stir at any point from getting her out of the car to putting her in her crib. She actually slept until almost four o'clock (after falling asleep at about 1:30pm). Kyleigh did not sleep-- I think they have an agreement that if one sleeps, the other doesn't. The rest of the day is pretty uneventful...well, stressful, but nothing you want to read about.

    For dinner this evening I didn't know what to do. I went into the kitchen and decided to peel and chop up the other half of a small pumpkin I had leftover from earlier in the week. While that was steaming, I put a couple tablespoons of butter in a pan over medium-highish heat. I then peeled and sliced up two apples and put them in the pan with the melted butter. I then sprinkled on a good amount of cinnamon and let that simmer; occasionally swishing it around. I removed the pumpkin from the heat and let it cool down...still unsure of where all this was headed. I added raisins to the pan of buttery cinnamon apples and tossed a bit. What does cinnamon apples say to me? Pancakes! I took out my blender and pulsed the pumpkin a bit. I noticed that I had two very ripe bananas and decided to add those to the blender. After the big chunks were pulsed out, I added cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice (good compliments to the pumpkin). The pumpkin-banana puree coupled with the buttery cinnamon apples...*sighs* heavenly. The aroma coming from the kitchen was just sensational. It even enticed Kyleigh into the kitchen with her nose in the air, excited about whatever it was she smelled. (That rarely happens! haha) 
Anyway, I then went on to start making the pancake batter...whole wheat pancake batter. I added in the pumpkin-banana puree into the batter and then turned the heat off for the pan of apples and covered it. Then I made pancakes! When on the plate, butter the pancake, lay some apple slices and raisins on top and drizzle on some maple syrup. Yum! 
    Unfortunately, after getting the girls set up with their pancakes, feeding the dog, and taking the trash out, I couldn't wait any longer to eat. So that means no final product pictures. Guess I'll just have to make them again and take pictures then. Darn! :)

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