Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shopping at the Mall

     Abby and I went shopping at the mall today with my mom and sister. From the Lush store, I bought the girls two fizzy bath balls. Abby looked so cute walking through the mall carrying her shopping bag. :)

Too cute.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our First Camping Trip! Day 2

Blowing bubbles before breakfast.

Mmmmm bacon!

Grandpa Rodney making pancakes for breakfast!

Eating breakfast. :)

Relaxing after breakfast.



Working on a story.

Then to the "beach" for some fun and sun.

Checking out the lake.

The lake.

Abby, my Dad, Kyleigh, my sister

Where are Abby's legs??

My dad lost his legs, too!

Getting buried some more. :)

Bringing water up to make sandcastles.

Getting Aunt Megan to help.

After the beach, we went kayaking with the girls again then swam.

Playing in the water after kayaking.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our First Camping Trip! Day 1

My dad and my sister love to go camping and have been doing it for a good amount of time now. This last time they went, they invited me and my family along. I've never been camping but have always wanted to go so I jumped at the chance. The girls were almost as excited as I was. :) (Nate isn't really an outdoors-kind of person.)

I picked Kyleigh up early from school Friday and we headed out to the lake to meet my dad and sister at the campsite. They had gotten to the site earlier in the day to get everything set up before the girls and I arrived.

Our campsite at the lake.
It's pretty obvious they've been doing this awhile. :) They have that nice big tent in the back of the site, which is enormous when you step inside it. The living area is covered and there are a couple clothes lines for hanging wet clothes. On the other side of the picnic table is the "kitchen" area. My dad had a couple tables set up with drying racks and a griddle and a bin with all sorts of utensils. He also had a light up above the table and a radio, too. It was a seriously sweet setup.

The tent the girls and I slept in.

Me, my sister, and the girls ready to go out on the water.

My sister and I taking the girls out in the kayak.

My dad about to start making some dinner in the "kitchen".

My dad making us dinner.

Aunt Megan and Kyleigh coloring.

While we were on a walk around the campgrounds, I found a baby toad. Man, this took my sister and I back to when we used to hunt and catch these in our backyard and put them in a really big bucket with grass and sticks and stuff. :) Good times.
Abby watching the baby toad.

The baby toad I found. :)

Aunt Megan and Kyleigh relaxing on the hammock.

Abby letting Grandpa get a look at the toad.

The girls watching my dad start a fire for s'mores later. :)

Abby having fun with her glo-stick bumblebee wand.

Kyleigh having fun with her glo-stick ladybug wand.

Kyleigh loved being on the water so much that she couldn't wait to go out again!

The girls were really ready for some s'mores. :)

Megan and Kyleigh playing 'Guess Who'. :)

While Kyleigh was playing the game, Abby was playing with the toad. :)

Grandpa Rodney taking some down time too.

Then we caught lightning bugs!

My girls hunting for more fireflies. :)

Then it was time for s'mores!!! Soooo good!

Love my sister! haha

Making s'mores and enjoying being together. :)