Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day at the Museum of Life and Science

On our way to the Museum of Life & Science, we made a friend...well, not really a friend. This sucker was MEAN!
We came across a grumpy turtle in the middle of the road. I tried to help him across (so he wouldn't get run's not like turtles are fast) but he snapped at me!! It doesn't show, but his neck was freakin long! And he was not happy at all! haha

So I got back in the car and off we went.
Kyleigh playing with a cloud.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Artsplosure 2011

Artsplosure is Raleigh's Art Festival held downtown. Here is how the website describes it:

Artsplosure's mission is to produce high quality annual festivals that celebrate excellence in the performing and visual arts; to promote and bring recognition to national, regional, and local artists; and to bring artists and the larger community together to improve the quality of life and cultural environment.

And this year we went to go check it out. The first thing the girls wanted to do was get face painting...just not on their faces. :)
Arm tattoos

My Birthday & Some Pool Time

So the 14th was my birthday. Nate got the girls together and they all made a cake for me. :)

Blowing out the candles.

My pretty flowers. :)
 The weather was gorgeous and the pool was open so we decided to spend some time in the water. :)