Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day at the Museum of Life and Science

On our way to the Museum of Life & Science, we made a friend...well, not really a friend. This sucker was MEAN!
We came across a grumpy turtle in the middle of the road. I tried to help him across (so he wouldn't get run's not like turtles are fast) but he snapped at me!! It doesn't show, but his neck was freakin long! And he was not happy at all! haha

So I got back in the car and off we went.
Kyleigh playing with a cloud.

Looking at the colorful crystals and gems.

Captivated by the owls.

Loving the little turtles.

Kyleigh thought the ants were neat...Mommy stayed back :)

Kyleigh checking out the bones that make up her body.

Looking at other skeletons.

Examining bugs with the magnifying glass.

Abby examining butterflies with the magnifying glass.
 Then we took to the outside exhibits. First thing we came to was the Barnyard.

Abby mesmerized by the sheep. :)

Then to the cows.

"Moooooooooooo!" :)
 Next was the Butterfly House. I had told the girls about this before we went and Kyleigh was super excited about it.

My two lil butterflies.

Me and my 'butterflies'.
      As we walked through the main building to get to the butterflies, we passed bugs & insect exhibits. The girls couldn't get close enough and were really interested in all of them. Mommy, on the other hand, stayed far far FAR back. haha
Bugs. Eeew

Watching the caterpillar.
     Okay, now I only took one picture at this exhibit (the caterpillar one from the pic above), but it was by far my favorite as well as Kyleigh's. In the case is a live caterpillar eating a leaf and being watched by a camera with a microphone inside. Off to the right is a speaker that allows you to hear the caterpillar crunching on the leaf! And a little further to the right is a screen where you can zoom in on the caterpillar and move the camera around. It was amazing!!

Abby having fun looking at all the different kinds of bugs.

Kyleigh liked the stick bug -- like the one from the movie 'A Bug's Life'. :)
 After checking out the buggy exhibits, we made it to the inside butterfly garden. It is very large with all kinds of trees and plant life playing home to millions of butterflies. There are benches around the trail they have weaving thru the "garden"where you can sit in hopes of having a butterfly land on you. It is awesome.
Butterflies in the Butterfly House.

The girls watching the millions of butterflies.

Kyleigh with her finger out waiting for a butterfly to land.

Butterflies on the window.

After the Butterfly House, we hit the outside trail again and came to the Dinosaur Trail.
t's pretty cool with lots of "dinosaurs" lining the trails.

Eating lollipops from the Butterfly House.

Watching the monkeys.

Abby watching the lemurs.

Then Abby was fast asleep.

Kyleigh finishing her lollipop.
 After Abby fell asleep, we started making our way back. Kyleigh and I found a bench in the shade at the playgrounds to drink some water and have some of the snacks I brought. Then it was time to head home.
Back at home having a snach with treasures picked up from the Museum giftshop. :) The girls and I had a great day!

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