Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fun Fridays!

    Jill took Abby for a few hours on Thursday and Kyleigh and I went out. We walked through Kid to Kid Consignment store looking for toys. Then we ate at Qdoba and then went to Target. While at Target, we picked up some nail polish so we could paint our nails on Friday. :) We had a fun time out and it was really nice to spend some "special time" with Kyleigh. 
    Friday was a beautiful day. We had the windows open and radios on. The sun and warmer temps do wonders for our moods. :) We actually spent most of the day, after Kyleigh got home from school of course, in the playroom.
    While Abby was trying to take a nap (I say 'trying' because she never actually slept), Kyleigh and I painted our nails. :) Kyleigh did my toes. I think she did a great job, too.

    The girls were playing with The Littlest Pet Shop animals and the Fisher Price Little People animals. Abby loves playing with the animals and making the sounds the animals make. It's cute because she pretends to be an elephant, frog and dog. :) Here she is playing with a seal

    The girls have a lot of the dogs of The Littlest Pet Shop toys, and there is one black one that looks like my mom's dog Axel and one that is pretty similar to our Peanut. So Kyleigh decided they were going to get married. :) And all the other animals are watching.

    Kyleigh accidentally popped out one of the eyes of her sunglasses and decided then that she was a pirate.

    Since it's Friday and there is still no sign of Nate, I wanted to do something fun for dinner with the girls. First we ordered pizza--something we haven't done in quite a while. Then I decided we'd get a movie off of iControl and have 'Pizza and A Movie Night' and eat in the living room--a treat in itself.
    We ordered Shrek3 Forever After but didn't make it too far in before Kyleigh declared it was going to give her bad dreams. So we switched to Pocahontas. For dessert, we finally dived into the ice cream Kyleigh and I whipped up early this week. It's a coffee ice cream with crumbles from our Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies and it was a hit!

Me and my Abby--who was struggling to run away. :)

Kyleigh has been anxiously awaiting Valentine's Day since she first saw the Valentine's decor in the stores. Now it is almost here. We've decided to bake some cupcakes for her friends for Monday.
First, before we get into what we are baking, look at my nail polish! I didn't realize it when I bought it, but look! It matches my mixer! haha And yes, painting my nails is that big a deal. I honestly don't remember the last time I "pampered" myself this way.

 Now on to what we are baking. For Kyleigh's classmates, we are baking Kyleigh's Cupcakes. They are yellow cupcakes with a chocolate butter frosting. I put the heart shaped marshmallows on and Kyleigh put the sprinkles on.

 Of course, we needed someone to taste test them to make sure they are fit to be shared. Abby took charge of that job. And she takes her jobs very seriously. See?
  She tested these quite thoroughly. :)

Yay for a good weekend!