Friday, April 29, 2011

Strawberry Picking!

Since the weather was so nice, Grandma asked if we wanted to go pick some strawberries. So we did! :)

Strawberry pickin' with Grandma.

We found lots of delicious strawberries!

Abby decided to test some out. :)

Me and the strawberry monsters. :)

The girls with our strawberry haul.

No, Abby did not eat any strawberries in the field...what made you ask? ;)

Grandma treated the girls to some ice cream.

We had a great time together! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 -- Part2 The Easter Bunny Came!

After much anticipation, the Easter bunny finally came!

And he brought lots of goodies and sunflowers!

The girls may have been a little excited. ;)

Hunting for the eggs!

I see a small yellow one!!

Abby trying to eat some of the candy she found.

Kyleigh in her new ballet tutu.

Smelling the sunflowers from the Easter bunny.

Kyleigh with her flowers from the Easter bunny.

We had some fun drawing on the porch with sidewalk chalk. :)
Happy Easter Everyone!!

After the girls found all of the eggs the Easter bunny left hidden in our apartment, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

A sleepy Abby with Grandma.
Grandpa and Abby. :)

Kyleigh showing off her pretty dress and high heel shoes. :)

The girls playing Barbies together.

Time to hunt for more eggs! Where could they be??

Abby found one!

Abby is checking out Kyleigh's haul while Kyleigh isn't paying attention. haha

Abby found an egg in their house! Yay!

Kyleigh is checking out what all is in her eggs.

Hi Kyleigh! :)

I found another one!

Aww Kyleigh helping Abby find an egg.

Mommy and her girls.

Happy Easter!

Easter 2011 -- Part1 Coloring Eggs

Time to color Easter eggs! Abby is still a little too small to color the eggs on her own, so Daddy had to help. But she is definitely big enough to put stickers on!
And our big girl Kyleigh does it all. :)

Abby is ready to color some eggs!

Kyleigh already coloring her eggs.

Kyleigh concentrating really hard. :)

Which stickers to use???

Nate coloring some eggs too.

Taking a break to smile for the camera!

Showing off her pretty egg.

Daddy's "family" egg. <3

Kyleigh gave her egg a crown. :)

Kyleigh and Daddy coloring their eggs. Lookin' good guys!

Our pretty colored Easter eggs!