Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 -- Part1 Coloring Eggs

Time to color Easter eggs! Abby is still a little too small to color the eggs on her own, so Daddy had to help. But she is definitely big enough to put stickers on!
And our big girl Kyleigh does it all. :)

Abby is ready to color some eggs!

Kyleigh already coloring her eggs.

Kyleigh concentrating really hard. :)

Which stickers to use???

Nate coloring some eggs too.

Taking a break to smile for the camera!

Showing off her pretty egg.

Daddy's "family" egg. <3

Kyleigh gave her egg a crown. :)

Kyleigh and Daddy coloring their eggs. Lookin' good guys!

Our pretty colored Easter eggs!

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