Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer On The Run

     I feel like I need to re-introduce myself. :) haha Kyleigh just finished up her last year of preschool. She starts kindergarten in July -- I'm a little torn between being excited, and being seriously crestfallen. I didn't think the five years would pass by so quickly. I feel like once she walks into those doors, there is no turning back.

     Anyway, I've decided to try and make something of this last summer before Kyleigh becomes an elementary school student. I thought it'd be fun to blog as we go.

     Our first excursion was to the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. The girls enjoyed this place so much that we are already planning a return trip -- with a few more family members coming along. :) 

     The second excursion was to the North Carolina Museum of Art. For this one, Nate made sure we waited til the weekend. The museum offers an activity tote appropriate for preschool-aged children to help them get into the exhibits. The tote did help Kyleigh enjoy the museum a little more, but I think the most fun we had was imitating the statues. :)

    In between, we've hit the pool and spent time hanging out with my mom. 

     Not sure what is coming next. I have been looking into what is within "day trip" distance from where we live. 

***Trying to get pictures up...but having major technical difficulties!!***

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