Friday, October 22, 2010

Apples & Pumpkins

    Today was another beautiful fall day here in North Carolina. What does cool, crisp fall air make me want to do? Go to the Farmer's Market of course! We actually had an objective this time. We were out of pumpkin and Abby has been asking for apples. So after picking Kyleigh up from school and meeting up with my mom, we set out for apples and pumpkins.
    This time, I remembered my camera! :)

Abby was very excited to spend time with my mom and see the pumpkins!

                 This is the large inflatable pumpkin that Kyleigh is posing under.    

This picture, and the following flower pictures, were taken by Kyleigh.
                                               Kyleigh and Abby sitting with the big pumpkins!

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