Monday, October 11, 2010

Cooking in a rut

      As my hubby could tell you, I'm in a cooking rut. We've had breakfast for dinner a little more often than I'd like to admit, finally ordered pizza, and so on. So to get re-inspired, I've gone to the library across the street. I found Desperation Dinners!, by Beverly Mills and Alicia Ross, because I love the concept and that is the concept that I've always used when cooking by the seat of my pants--tasty, healthy meals in not a lot of time. While flipping through it, I'm a little apprehensive due to the amount of ingredients going into each recipe. I'm cooking on a budget remember. With some smart shopping, I think this is going to be fun!
      What's on the menu for tonight? There is a Jamaican Macaroni recipe that looks good. Or a Cheesy Ham Casserole. Or something with rice, pumpkin, tomatoes...we'll see.

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