Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday is the new Friday!

    Well, sort of. Okay, maybe not really but it still a good feeling when you wake up and realize it's Thursday. You are that much closer to the weekend! 
    I'm sitting here at the breakfast table with my girls. Abby has a strawberry jam goatee from her 'toe', which is baby for 'toast'. On my left is Kyleigh, working on her whole wheat English Muffins slathered with Nutella. Since today is not a school day, I've decided to let the television stay on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse during breakfast-- NOT a regular occurrence I assure you. Abby is giggling at her toast strips because for a reason unbeknown  to me, toast strips with strawberry jam are silly. 
    I like looking out the window from time to time, and today it is a grey day. It looks like it is trying to rain but the clouds can't fully commit either way. So for now it is cloudy, grey, and sprinkling off and on. 
    As I sip my coffee, my second cup of coffee already, I wonder what to do today. My doggy is in need of her playdate, but if my mom isn't feeling well (and I hope she is feeling better today) or if her yard is soaked then that is not in the cards. I need to go to the store to get my baby her Halloween costume and decide if I want one. It would be nice to pick up some more toys for puppy since she is chewing whatever she can find--and yes, she already has chew toys. I'm a little dizzy this morning and not quite feeling up to much, least of all going out. My little one is going to be going down for her nap before long so perhaps Kyleigh and I can finish baking the rest of the Gingerbread Cookies. There is also some housework that needs to be done; vacuuming, laundry, you know the drill. 
    My husband has accused me of being a coffee elitist. I scoffed at this. I've only been drinking coffee since Kyleigh was a few months old (I never had a sip before that but being sleep deprived is good motivation to start) and I just know what I like. Today's cuppa joe is a Starbucks bag of whole bean Espresso Roast from the grocery store. After putting cream in it, I can't say I taste a whole lot of flavor. Now it's not awful tasting, otherwise I wouldn't be almost finished with my second cup. It's just easy to drink quickly. I find this appealing because I can't remember the last time I was able to sit long enough to fully enjoy a cup of coffee. 
On this note I come to a close for now and wish everyone a Happy Thursday!

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