Thursday, April 19, 2012

Softball Games & Terrariums

**Yawn** I still feel tired this morning. haha The girls and I had a full day yesterday, and today is going to be full too.

     Yesterday was Kyleigh's first day of track-out. We had a couple grocery stores we had to go to after breakfast. Then we headed back home for a quick bite to eat and a short nap. While Abby was sleeping, I started getting snacks and toys ready to go to Megan's double-header. These are the last 2 softball games at home, so we wanted to be sure we made them. So we got Abby up, got everybody ready to go, then got everything loaded into the car with my mom's help, then headed out. My mom couldn't stay for the entire second game, so we left when she did because Kyleigh had a garden club event to go to at 5:30.

     So we got home, had a fruit & chocolate plate then got cleaned up and headed out. Silly me went to the wrong place! (I don't know why, but I had been thinking it was at a garden store on the way to Nate's work, but it was at The Garden Supply Store that is near Nate's parents' house.) So of course I rushed us to the right place and of course we were a little late. But we got there in enough time for Kyleigh to catch the end of the directions and build her terrarium. :) Yay! Then after the directions, the kids were let loose and it was a little crazy in the small-ish space with lots of large tables and kids from the garden club and parents of the kids all trying to get to the rocks and dirt and materials.

  *Whew*   Then just as quickly as it started, it was over -- no joke. One minute the place was full of kids, then I looked up and everyone had cleared out. Woah. And I sure am thankful for Chloe's dad helping keep Abby entertained while the big kids made their terrariums. Then the kids found a wooden swing set to play on for awhile. Then we all headed out together to eat dinner at Cici's. Nate finally caught up with us there after we had finished eating and helped me gather the girls in the car to head home for baths then bed.

     Yes, it was a full day for us. :)

~*~*~And now it is time to get ready for today, so pictures from yesterday will come later. :) ~*~*~

Getting caught up. :)

Chloe spritzing her terrarium & Kyleigh waiting for the spray bottle.

Making a terrarium

Chloe working hard.

Kyleigh proud of her terrarium.

Steven and Abby

Kyleigh, Chloe and my buddy Amanda :)

The girls and the awesome terrariums!

Playing outside at the Garden Supply Store

Playing on the wooden playset.

Help! We are stuck in a giant birdcage!!!

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