Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012 -- Part2 Egg Hunts

The Easter Bunny came!!
Kyleigh's basket

Most of Abby's basket

Already playing with Fairy Princess Dora.
 At some point in the night after the Easter bunny came, Abby pulled her Dora Look & Find book (you can see it on the couch behind Nate) out from behind her basket and started looking through it. :) Funny girl.

Kyleigh jumping with excitement. :)

Hunting for eggs -- the egg behind the table leg.

Checking out what was in the eggs she found.

Abby found 2 more! One hiding in the DVD's and the other in her carseat cup holder.

Playing with her new Princess Squinkies Dispenser set

Dora bracelets and ring on and playing with her new Dora.

And now with her new Dora shirt on...think Abby likes Dora? :)

Then Daddy was out. :-D

 Kyleigh was so excited about her new pots, soil, Princess gardening gloves, and Tinkerbell shovel that she set it all out on the table with her seed packets from Gardening Club. The Easter bunny she knew what he was doing when he gave those to Kyleigh. ;) And Abby was so excited about Fairy Princess Dora that Dora had to sit next to Abby during snacktime and then Dora slept with Abby for naptime. :)
Kyleigh's gardening supplies. :)

     After the girls had their 'quiet time', it was time to head to Gramma and Grampa's house. The girls both had a basket waiting for them at the house and then Grampa and Uncle Alex hid the eggs the Easter bunny left out in the front yard.

About to hunt more Easter eggs.
Already found some eggs!

Kyleigh was off to a really good start. :)

Abby finding eggs hidden on the slide.

 In this picture, Abby is looking around the base of the tree for an egg hidden in the little bush. Kyleigh saw it from a little bit away and you can see her running into the picture to get the egg. haha No worries thought, Abby was the one who "found" it. :)

"I found another one!"

Look at the side-view mirror of the car on the left...

Gramma and Kyleigh counting up the eggs.

Gramma, Abby and Kyleigh

Kyleigh, Abby and Grampa -- checking out their loot.

Abby trying to sneak some candy.
 Abby didn't realize I was sitting on the stairs and could see her....she was trying hard to sneak a piece of chocolate from her basket. That became a game for the rest of the day. haha

Concentrating hard on her artwork.

Kyleigh stayed out on the back deck to keep painting. Abby and I went out front to play in the sand table. Abby and I decided to bury some of the empty eggs. :)


Abby playing in the sand table.

 Kyleigh eventually came out front with us and we were soon joined by one of Kyleigh's friends that live in the cul-de-sac.

We had a really great day and a wonderful dinner with Gramma, Grampa, and Uncle Alex.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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