Friday, April 20, 2012

Picnic at the airport with Nate

My girls started the day by being silly and giving themselves sticker beards. haha

     Then, since Kyleigh is tracked out, we decided to go have a picnic with Nate at an observation park at the airport.
      Nate was more than happy to be whisked away for a bit as his week at work was an especially long and tough one.

On the "runway" pretending they are airplanes.

The girls were excited to watch for planes.

"I'm a plane!"

"Vroom!" is the sound the Abby plane makes. :)

It's a plane!

The Daddy-plane is chasing the Abby-plane and the Kyleigh-plane.

The Daddy-plane got the Kyleigh-plane!

Another plane!

     After the picnic, we headed home and we painted our nails. :)

Little Abby's left hand -- blue with pink sparkle polka dots.

Little Abby's right hand -- pink with purple polka dots.
      After painting Abby's fingers, it was Kyleigh's turn. For Kyleigh's left hand, she wanted green with pink polka dots.
      After we painted her left hand, we noticed that Abby had fallen asleep while we were watching the movie. Poor kid was all tuckered out.
      Then we painted Kyleigh's right hand yellow with pink sparkle polka dots.
      Then it was my turn! Red with yellow polka dots!!

     After nails were dry, it was time to get started on dinner for pizza and a movie night. :)

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