Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feeding the ducks!

A mama and her ducklings

     To take advantage of the gorgeous weather we are having, Abby, my Mom and I decided to go to the park near my Mom's house. What we like about this lake is the bridge that stretches over part of the water that is a popular duck-feeding spot. And Abby had her heart set on feeding those duckies. :)

Abby found a caterpillar on the way down to the trail.

Abby walking my Mom's dog, Chloe.

Checking out the ducks and geese.

"Look at the ducks, Mommy!"

Watching the geese.

My beautiful Mommy. :)

Dropping the bread to the ducks.

Me and my smallest baby. :)

 We had a nice surprise on this visit--lots of baby ducks! We should all be like this mama duck and take a little nap while the little ones entertain themselves. :) In the picture, the mama duck actually has her head under her wing while the babies were eating. Somehow she still knew where they were because as soon as the babies started getting too far out, she picked her head up and rounded them up. Mamas are amazing. :-D

Abby & Grandma Carole
What a great day! Next time we'll have to go with Kyleigh! :)

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