Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 2012 -- Part1 Coloring Eggs

     This year, Nate and I thought ahead. We boiled the eggs Friday night to color them Saturday. Most years we have to wait on coloring eggs on Saturday because we need to boil the eggs and then let them cool's a little frustrating for the kids. :)

     So this year, while the girls were down for 'quiet time', Nate and I got set up to color the eggs.

The girls were super excited to begin.....can you tell? ;)

Nate was happy too. :)
 So with everything all set up, we were ready to get coloring!

Kyleigh had her egg dipper ready.

And Abby had her egg dipper ready too.
 This year, Abby got to color her own eggs and I don't think she could have been more excited -- or proud of herself. :)

Nate was hard at work, too. :)

Kyleigh was talking about what she was doing as she worked on her egg.

Big girl!

Oh yeah, I was there too! haha

Once the eggs dried, it was time for stickers!

Abby carefully picking her stickers.

Showing off her egg-cellent work. ;)

Abby's eggs. So cute.

My Abby Kadabby and twiddlebug egg. :-D

Once the eggs were colored, it was time to pose for pictures. :)

My other little ham. <3

Now the girls were just waiting for the Easter bunny!

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