Thursday, April 25, 2013

The week is almost over already?!?

     I'm sick. :( So I'm sitting here on the couch and since I've got the computer nearby, I thought I'd post some stuff on the blog. The girls are happy as clams playing 'house' in their rooms, so I've got a little bit of down time (yay!). Since I've got time, (let's face it, I'm not going to be getting up to do any cleaning or laundry or any such stuff) I figured I'd start with last week and play catch up...maybe over two posts since we had ourselves an awesome weekend this past weekend and that deserves a whole post on its own.
Kyleigh knitting a scarf for her doll while taking it easy.
      So. Last week. It started out with a rest day on Tuesday since Kyleigh had gotten sick the night before. (We had our fingers crossed that the stomach bug wasn't making a come-back. It didn't.)

 This is what happens when I've been stuck in the house for so many "sick days" - I get bored and start
getting goofy. Like trying to put bloomers on everyone's head while doing laundry. Yes. Even the dog.
    Thursday we had to take the car in for an oil change and a trip inspection ( I had a coupon, so why not). The girls and I dropped the car off at the place and walked around the shopping center that is across the street.

     We were headed for the cupcake place (it's not all that great, but I wanted to treat the girls to something) when we happened upon a frozen yogurt place! I was excited because that meant I would get something too! haha
Aren't these spoons cute?!

 After the girls finished their frozen yogurt, they had to play in the water a little bit.
They also threw in some pennies. And I'm pretty sure at least one of Abby's wishes was
for a baby sister...which means one of Kyleigh's may have been for a baby brother. haha

     Friday was spent finishing our packing, dropping Peanut off, and heading out on our trip.

     And now, somehow, it's already Thursday. The week has gone by pretty quickly so far, but today sure does seem to be dragging. 
     So far, this week has seen:
- a walk around the lake (where we spotted a snake, ew!),
Kyleigh telling her sister all that she has learned about poison ivy from her 'Plants' book.

Turtles sunning themselves.

- Kyleigh lose another tooth,

- Abby get a hair cut,

 Before             &              After

Do you think she likes her new hair cut? ;)

- hanging out with my mom,
- Kyleigh's soccer practice,
Abby found a ladybug at Kyleigh's practice.

Coach Nate and Kyleigh practicing.

- me have an eye doc appointment (including getting my eyes dialated, haha) and order glasses,
We are stylin' with our "sunglasses" from the eye doctor. 

- and me getting sick.
The girls keeping themselves busy very quietly so Mommy can rest. <3

 And now it's time for Domino's for dinner! :) And I'm actually hungry! Even better! :)

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