Friday, April 12, 2013

Soccer Practices and Birthday Parties

It's officially springtime! Around here we are hoping that means warmer weather. Kyleigh's soccer season has started again and she's has practiced again for a few weeks now. Her first game is this Saturday the 13th.


- On April 7th, Abby had another birthday party to go to. :) This one was at the Museum of Life & Science. We were able to get there before the party and walk around together. We LOVE this place!!
You walk around the grid on the floor and see your movement on the wall screen.

Checking out the barnyard animals.

The girls' favorite place! The Butterfly House!

Checking out the insects first.

Sitting waiting for the butterflies to land on them.


Looking to see which butterflies they've seen.


Abby thought she'd double her chances of one landing on her. :)

Still waiting. :(

An Abby-Alpaca!

A Kyleigh-Alpaca too!

Then we watched the bears.

This guy was having lots of fun playing in the water. :)

After the party, we walked around in the building part.

Abby was excited to see the snakes. Eeew!

Trying out hand at making oragami butterflies. :)

- Then the next day (Monday) the stomach bug hit. And it hit hard. Here's Abby finally getting some sleep on Tuesday. :( Poor kid. Nate also got the bug. It wasn't a fun week at the Harned household.

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