Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Other Half of March

My last post was March 19th, so what happened the rest of the month?

- On the 22nd, Jill came over with Ava to say hello for a bit. Abby brought some toys out of her room to play with Ava. After they had been here for a little bit, I got a call from Kyleigh's school saying she had a fever and needed to be picked up. :(

- On Saturday the 23rd, Abby had a friend's birthday party to go to. The party was at a nearby LifeTime Fitness. The kids had a lot of fun playing games and jumping in a bounce house.
Playing 'Red Light, Green Light'.

Playing 'Simon Says'.

Jumping in the bounce house that they had inside the gym. (This place was huge.)

- Then the 25th became a 'stay home sick' day because Kyleigh was still running a fever the day before. :( We didn't have much luck with staying healthy the end of the month, what with the weather warming up then getting cold then warming up again and then getting cold again. But we made the best of the sick day making a Lego city and making the dinner table a tent. :)
Abby took a picture of Kyleigh from inside her tent. :)

The girls taking pictures of themselves.

I figured I'd work on Abby's baby quilt since the girls were occupied.

We had snack time in the tent and played 'Memory' too. :)

Abby's friends joined us.

Kyleigh was excited to find her first match. haha

Later Abby was playing on her game in her tent.

Abby's tent.

- Kyleigh had the Friday before Easter off and it was a beautiful day. The girls and I headed out and went to Target to get a present for another party Abby was invited to that weekend. Afterwards, I thought it would be nice to eat lunch out so we stopped at the Chick-Fil-A across the street. The girls were pleasantly surprised. :) After that we were supposed to go do a big grocery shopping trip. But it was just too beautiful a day to be spent running any more errands so I surprised the girls by taking them to their favorite park. Kyleigh even ran into two of her friends that were there! Turns out their moms were thinking the same thing I was. :)
 The girls, thinking we were headed to the grocery, looking through their 3-d books that came with their lunches.

First thing to do at the park is always hit the swings. :)

Kyleigh swinging with one of her friends that were there.

The kids thought it'd be fun to roll down the hill. haha

- On the 30th, the Saturday before Easter, Abby had another classmate's birthday party to go to. This one was probably one of the coolest parties yet. The parents turned their backyard into a carnival with games (like a can toss, mini golf, etc.) and even face painting! All four of the little boy's grandparents were there and were having a lot of fun "running" the games and doing the face painting. I forgot the camera though. :(

- After the birthday party, we headed home to decorate Easter eggs!

- After decorating the eggs that Saturday, we headed up to my dad's to be there for the Blessing of the House by the pastor of the church he and Megan go to. The pastor said a very nice blessing and afterward we ate brownies and homemade cherry pie with vanilla ice cream. Mmmm

- Then it was Easter!
 First, after getting dressed and waking us up early, the girls checked out what the Easter bunny left.

 Then it was time to hunt for the eggs. Ignore the mess in all the pictures, we did that on
purpose so the Easter bunny would have more places to hide the eggs. ;)

Then, after it was late enough, we headed over to Gramma and Grampa's house.
First up was posing for pictures. :)

 Then the girls got to check out the Easter baskets they had here. They got some cool stuff. :)

Since it had rained and left the yard all wet, the eggs were hidden in the basement.
It made it a little more interesting since the girls have figured out Grampa's strategy
behind hiding them outside. :)

 Time to check out their haul. :)

Being silly with the camera: Abby has Nate in the palm of her hand. haha

The girls playing.
 The girls got to play outside for a bit before dinner.

It was a good Easter.

We seem to have struggled a bit with staying healthy
this month, but hopefully next month things will go a
little better on that front. March was a good
month so here's to a good April too!

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