Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Soccer Game and a Lost Tooth!!

     It's the middle of the week and I've actually got a chance to write a post. Yea, that usually isn't a good sign these days. :/ Kyleigh's last day of school before tracking out was Monday, and that was a busy day for Abby and me. Then Tuesday Abby was in school. While she was in school, Kyleigh and I had a coffee date with Nate. :)

     Then we picked Abby up and headed to the Farmer's Market, came home, ate a snack, cleaned up the kitchen and then headed back out. This time we walked up to the grocery store to pick a few things up that I needed to to make some more food for my Mom and Dan.

     We came home and the girls went off to play (probably before I could take them to do anything else, haha) and after a few minutes' rest, I headed into the kitchen. I got 5 meals' worth of food made - one of which we actually ate for dinner. :)

     In the middle of the night last night Kyleigh threw up all over her bed. :( So I've got her on couch duty this morning to see if it was just a fluke or if she got the stomach bug that Nate and Abby had. I've found that I have more luck in keeping the girls on the couch when they are sick if I'm sitting down in the living room too. When I'm up doing stuff (like laundry, cleaning, etc) they just can't sit still. Which brings me to how I'm able to write a post in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. :) I'm not happy with the reason for needing to rest, but I am happy for the chance to not do anything at the moment. We've had a busy few days and it's nice to sit still for a time because the next few days will be busy too.

Nate is an assitant coach this year!
       So let's back up a little bit. This past Saturday was Kyleigh's first soccer game of the spring season. Yay!

     It was a good game and the kids (and Nate) had a lot of fun. :) And Kyleigh's team won! But I don't know if she would know that if ya asked her. The kids don't really care too much about who won and who didn't, they just have fun being out there. :) And we were lucky enough that everyone that could come out, did.

     Abby was in her chair covered with the blanket over her for a tent. :)

       After the game on Saturday, we went out for frozen yogurt. It was Grandpa Rodney's treat. :) (My Mom and Dan couldn't come because he needed to go home and rest after their rough week.)

     After the frozen yogurt both girls were looking pretty tired. So we went home and they laid in mommy and daddy's bed and watched a movie. When the movie was over, they were both rested so we went and did some errands.

     On Monday, Kyleigh's last day of school before tracking out, the two first grade classes (that are on the same track) put on plays that the parents were invited to come and watch. Kyleigh has brought home her book to practice her lines for about a week and she drew the puppets of the characters she was going to read. She was super excited to put on the play with the other two girls in her group. :) Abby and I went to watch the two classes put on some of the plays.
Kyleigh is the blur opening the curtains. :)
Kyleigh is the last 2 puppets on the right: the donkey and the cat.
Kyleigh giving a bow after they finished. :)

Kyleigh very happy about putting on her group's play. <3

     On Tuesday, Abby decided this is how she wanted to go to school. :) She wanted to see if her teachers would recognize her. Love my silly Abby. <3

     And then, yesterday, before I started making all the food, Kyleigh came into the kitchen complaining of her tooth really hurting and bothering her again. See, she's had this baby tooth that has been loose for a few weeks now but didn't want to come out. And the adult tooth that was supposed to push out the baby one had already grown in behind the baby tooth. Earlier in the day I had already called the dentist and scheduled an appointment to get it pulled out. But when Kyleigh came into the kitchen, I was determined to get this sucker out. (You would have been too if you had seen that poor little face in pain.) I plopped her on the counter and tried to numb the gum as much as possible with an ice cube. After a few tries, there was a tooth in the paper towel!!! We were so excited!! Kyleigh was probably more excited though. :)

     Oh yea, and the tooth fairy did visit her. :)

The tooth that just wouldn't let go!

     So jump back to today and Kyleigh is on the couch knitting and watching tv with Abby. So far she's doing fine; no episodes and she has been eating. So hopefully we will be able to resume our normal activities tomorrow. We have to get ready for YoungLife Family Camp this weekend! :) I'm getting tired of sitting not doing anything so I think I'll start doing laundry after I finish this post. The girls (Kyleigh especially) have been so great today that they need some play time...or at least be free to be off "couch duty" for a while. Let's hope it doesn't cause her to have any episodes though.

     Well, I've 'bout had it sitting around. I'm off to do laundry and get us ready for the Camp this weekend! Hope everyone has a great day!!

Look at this happy face! :) She feels so much better having gotten that tooth out!
If it weren't for the red, you wouldn't notice anything missing.

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