Friday, January 21, 2011

Reporting on the Reebok EasyTones

Okay, so I've had the Reebok EasyTone shoes for a little over 3 weeks now. I wear them mostly all day (even around the house) because if you don't wear them, nothing will happen.

Have I noticed any difference? 

Aww, thanks for asking. That's so sweet. :)

I am beginning to see a noticeable difference. I payed attention yesterday because I finally wore a pair of underwear I got from Aeropostale years ago and have avoided wearing for some time. The problem was that I could see the underwear lines through my jeans or whatever because I had some extra padding. :) But in week 3, there are no undie lines!!! I am soooo freakin' excited! I actually don't cringe when checking out my behind in the mirror after showering. May be getting a little graphic here, but c'mon, what woman doesn't scrutinize what she sees in the mirror on an almost daily basis? Since having my kiddos, I avoided looking in the mirror...or at least I tried very hard not to look after showering. But yesterday and then today, I like what I see!!! I can't believe I just said that! It's crazy!! The Aero undies were no fluke. Same goes for today's pair. Oh my goodness!!! I'm stoked! lol Would I recommend these shoes? AB-solutely!! If you get them, let me know how you are liking them! We can compare notes.  ;)

Here is a picture I took the other night while baking since Nate wasn't home. Wanna check out what I made? You won't be sorry. Just go here.

I'm so glad today is Friday!! I know my mom isn't too happy about it since she works this weekend, but it is going to be so nice to have Nate home!!!! Have a good weekend everyone!!

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