Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rainy Tuesday Evening

    I didn't realize just how long it had been since I had posted anything. I can't believe we are in the middle of November already! And of course, I went outside today in a t-shirt, pants, and no shoes or socks and it was warm and a little humid. Definitely doesn't help it feel like it is almost Thanksgiving.
    Yesterday Kyleigh and I made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. We used cinnamon drops (front center) that my mother-in-law brought back (along with the other fun sprinkles you see) from her trip to New York. We were super excited to put the cinnamon drops in Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and to get the recipe and more pictures, go to my cooking blog

    Today was a very rainy day and since my baby is sick (she had a fever after she got up from her afternoon nap :( ) we didn't go anywhere. Abigail decided to climb onto the shoe rack, too (above). Lately Kyleigh has been trying to play in the kitchen. So while Abby was taking her morning nap, I let Kyleigh play in the sink with food colorings and some spices I never use. She had a blast!
 Here is little miss chef hard at work. She had three cups on the left side of the counter filled with water. We used one drop of food color in each cup-- we didn't use green at first and Kyleigh asked why. So I told her to add one measuring cup (that she was using to move the water around) of blue water to the cup of yellow and see what happens. She did that and as the colors swirled together to form a mint green color, Kyleigh LOVED it! She was so surprised at what happened and inspired by it, that she started doing other combinations "to see what will happen". :)
As you can see, she had a pot of water in the sink, a tupperware container in the right sink, and a pan on the right side counter. I let her use some old spices that had been pushed to the back of my cabinet that were probably older than her. ::cringe:: Needless to say, the smell coming from the kitchen was pretty potent. :)
Adding green to the red to see what'll happen.
Kyleigh in the middle of talking as she is doing.

    I loved the color she made in this cup and just had to take a picture! It was the cup of blue water and she added a drop of yellow food coloring.
    The memories that came flooding back to me while watching Kyleigh experiment nearly knocked me over. I was instantly reminded of some of the concoctions I used to come up with. Let's just say that they would clear your sinuses-- from the other side of the room! I used to have so much fun playing "scientist" in the kitchen...I suppose my love of the kitchen (and subsequent love of baking and cooking) all started there. Thanks Mommy for letting play in the kitchen and for using your spices, too! :)
    I definitely had to call my mom and share this with her. She had not forgotten my concoctions either. ;)

     Not only was Kyleigh inspired by this adventure, but I just couldn't resist getting caught up in her excitement. I wanted to show her something really cool. I poured some vinegar in my awesome Pyrex measuring cup and took out my baking soda. We started sprinkling some of the baking soda in and watched the fizz come alive! I also gave Kyleigh some salt and that is what we are sprinkling into to the vinegar in the above picture. The reason it is colored is because I think Kyleigh was more impressed with the food coloring than anything else and just had to add color to the measuring cup. :)

    Later in the day Kyleigh decided to get in the bottom of Abigail's exersaucer. (If you don't know what these look like, click here to see something similar to ours.) When Kyleigh gets in the bottom of the exersaucer, she likes to stick her head up through the fabric seat and poke her face through one of the leg holes.
 So I thought it'd be funny if that was all you could see and decided to wrap a blanket (that they had been using for a tent) around the exersaucer-- kind of like a pop-up Kyleigh. :) Abigail thought this was hilarious. Kyleigh would go down and then pop her head up again and this would send Abigail into renewed fits of laughter.
 Abigail has been very giving with her kisses as of late, and wanted to give Kyleigh a few kisses when she popped back up. I was able to get a picture of one. Very sweet and cute.
 My goofy Kyleigh.

Abigail laughing endlessly and waiting for Kyleigh to pop back up.

    Even considering Abigail was a little under the weather, all-in-all, we had a good day. :) And Nate even got home before I had even finished making dinner! That was awesome! 

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