Monday, May 14, 2012

My Birthday Surprises

I wasn't going to post any pictures from my birthday, but Nate and the girls put so much work into celebrating it this year that they deserve the pictures to be posted. :)

About to open my gifts from my wonderful family. :)

Getting some help from Kyleigh. :)

I got the apron I wanted! Yay! :)

After presents, Nate and the girls decorated.

After they finished decorating, the girls and I painted our nails with the new nail polishes I got. :)
Kyleigh's nails.

Abby's nails.

While the girls and I were painting nails, Nate was working hard making my birthday dinner: steak and potatoes!! Mmmmmm
See my pretty purple flowers from Nate's parents?

My beautiful stargazer lilies from Nate...and they smelled heavenly! (my favorite-est flowers ever)

     After dinner, I got another birthday surprise. Nate had invited our families and my friends over for a little party with cookie cake! I was so surprised and touched that everyone came over for my birthday! I even teared up when everyone sang 'Happy Birthday'. :)

     Abby was the photographer and took pictures of everyone as they came in. :)
My dad.

My friends and their daughter.


Jill, Nate's mom.

haha Steven being silly.

And look at my delicious cookie cake!!! One of my favorite things!
Thank you to everyone for making my birthday so incredibly special and memorable! <3

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