Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fine Arts Gallery Night 2012

     This evening Kyleigh's school held a Fine Arts Gallery Night. All the students had selected pieces of artwork displayed around the school along with pieces of pottery made in art class. In different places all around the school, other students were set up and playing instruments throughout the evening. One of the students playing a violin gave me chills. She was playing some serious classical pieces that made you stop where ever you were standing and your jaw drop in awe of this little kid playing such big music. Listening to another little boy playing the piano was also impressive. You can tell all of these kids work really hard at their instruments and have a lot of talent!

Kyleigh showed us around the school and proudly showed off her wonderful pieces of art. :)

Kyleigh's painting of Peanut. :)

Showing her little sister her picture.

The one in the center is Kyleigh's.

So proud of her art.

Grandma Carole and Grampa came to see Kyleigh's work.

Kyleigh leading Abby and Grandma Carole out of the media center.

Kyleigh showing off her pinchpot.

They spelled her name wrong. :-/

     After showing us her artwork around the school, we headed outside to check out the school's garden where Kyleigh spends every Wednesday morning at Garden Club.
The school's garden.

     We were excited to see Kyleigh's name written on the board leading into the garden. It was also fun to see the tag posted up from the gift Kyleigh gave her Garden Club teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week. :)

Here are some pictures from around the garden:

Watching Grampa's video of the baby birds in the nest on their front porch.

Kyleigh showing Mr Dan around the school garden.

Abby found a playset. :)

My little monkey. haha

Abby, Chloe, and Kyleigh. :)

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