Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Muddy Moments

     Most afternoons after the kids get off the bus, the girls play at the bus stop for awhile before heading home to do homework. We've recently had rain that left some puddles. Leave it to my kids to find the only puddle of mud. haha Kyleigh had been running and jumping over the mud puddle until she slipped and fell on her butt square in the mud. After that it wasn't about jumping over the puddle, no no no, it became time to jump in the puddle. haha

This is what Kyleigh looked like when we got home.

Those shorts she's wearing, those are supposed to be light khaki colored.
 And her shoes had become mud shoes. She had left her shoes on for this little adventure but when she pulled her feet out of the shoes, her socks looked like she had been running around with just socks. And those shoes oozed mud with each step she took. haha

Abby was less adventurous but still played in the mud. :)

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