Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What have we been up to? Part 2

In February:
- The girls and I made Gak while Kyleigh was tracked out. They really enjoyed watching how to make it and then playing with it. :)

Getting acquainted with the feel of the Gak.

 Once they got used to the feel of it, hands were no longer enough. ;)

- The girls got to play outside with their moon dough. (It's flour and baby oil mixed together to make a really soft but moldable "sand".)

- Then it was Valentine's Day. I got a beautiful bouquet of roses. :) And the girls woke up to the dining room decorated for the occasion. I made them a nice dinner of their favorite foods and then surprised them with a crazy-awesome dessert of chocolate fondue with fruits and brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, and sugar cookies hand-dipped in chocolate with sprinkles added. Oh yea, this was a winner. :) (And Nate made it home for dessert! Yay!)
 The Valentines for Kyleigh's class we put together and my pretty flowers. :)

What the girls found when they woke up.
 Oh yea, there were presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ready for school -- Abby brought along her new doll.
Abby's Valentine's party at school.
 The excitement of it all just got to be too much for little Abby. :)

 Our dessert choices. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

- Then it snowed. After watching just how much it was snowing, we decided to go for a walk in it. :)
 Catching snowflakes.
That's a lot of snow for us 'round here!
 So we got all dressed up and went for a walk.

Nate and the girls catching snowflakes.
And we got to build a snowman on the trail where we were walking!
Our snowman!!
Nate made a big snowball...guess where that went after I snapped the picture.....
And we kept on walkin around the lake. So beautiful.

On our way home I turned my car into a character from the movie 'Cars'. haha

- The girls played in the kitchen and also discovered what salt does to ice and why they see so much salt on sidewalks after it snows.

I froze empty yogurt containers full of water. We added salt on top with food coloring.
The girls played while the ice did its thing.
Then the girls decided the ice chunks needed more food coloring. :)
The food coloring helped them to see how the salt "eats" at the ice.

- Here are a couple random pictures from February. :)
Abby found lots of hats when I was cleaning out my closet. haha
Abby fell asleep in the car and kept right on sleeping after being carried inside.
Kyleigh pulled up a chair to watch it snow. :)
My girls.
My silly girls. ;)
Well, February was a short month so it seems like not a whole lot happened out of the ordinary. I'm sure we'll make up for it in March. ;) 

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