Monday, March 18, 2013

What have we been up to? - Part 1

So I last posted about two months ago. Yikes, sorry about that. So what have we been up to??

In January:
- Abby was the top Tiger (her preschool class is called the 'tigers'; each class is associated with an animal) for the week and over the weekend got to bring home the class tiger! He had fun with Abby. :)
The girls having hot chocolate with Tiger.
We got a little snow, so Tiger helped Daddy get his car ready to leave.

 Abby and Tiger playing 'Don't Break The Ice' with Mommy and Kyleigh.

Tiger getting acquainted with Peanut.

- The first graders at Kyleigh's school put on a Winter Concert. Parents and family members were invited to come watch the kids sing songs they had been working on for awhile. Gramma and Grandma Carole were able to come watch Kyleigh. And it wasn't on a Tuesday or Thursday so Abby got to come too! :) Afterwards, we all went out for frozen yogurt. :)

- Kyleigh learned how to knit. :)
 She made a small scarf for her Cinderella doll she got for Christmas.

- Kyleigh entered her school's Science Fair! It was very exciting. The experiment she chose to do took about a week to do. She asked the question "What liquid nourishes plants better?". Her thinking behind it was to see if any liquids nourished plants as well as (or even better than) water. Her entry got a participant ribbon, as well as a 'Special Achievement' ribbon for her excellent use of photographs to document her findings. :)
Gramma got to come see the Science Fair too!

Proud Kyleigh :)
- Kyleigh got her first loose tooth which was followed by her first adult tooth coming in....behind the baby tooth. So Kyleigh got her first loose tooth extracted at the dentist's office. She wasn't excited about it but she was very brave and did excellently! Kyleigh did so well that the dentist and hygienist couldn't believe this was her first extraction. And no worries, the Tooth Fairy still came! She even left Kyleigh a note responding to Kyleigh's request to keep her tooth. :) This was also the day that Kyleigh and Abby got to have ice cream for dinner. haha Gramma brought it by for them on her way home from work. :)
At the dentist's office right after. (Abby was in for her check-up.)

She looks happier here, no?
Abby got to benefit from Kyleigh's pulled tooth. :)

 Kyleigh ready for bed with her baby tooth in her tooth pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

There's a hole!

Kyleigh showing her note from the Tooth Fairy.
- Near the end of the month, we had some beautiful weather and the girls and I headed to a nearby park. We enjoyed being outdoors, can ya tell? ;)

Then we headed home for a snack.
- And during all this time, though it does seem to have been a busy month for Kyleigh, Abby was always being Abby. :-D

Well, that's about it for January. Since this ended up being packed pretty full, I'll save February and March for more posts. :) These will come soon, I promise! :)

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