Friday, March 9, 2012

Nate's Birthday

While Nate was at work Thursday, the girls and I decorated the apartment to surprise him when he got home. The girls and I picked out Star Wars themed decorations from Party City. :)

Balloons & streamers in the dining room.

Nate's present waiting on the coffee table.

     Nate was definitely surprised when he walked through the door. The girls were so excited, too, that they had him open presents as soon as he got home. :)

Kyleigh gave Daddy comic book squinkies. :)

     On Friday night, Nate's parents took everyone out to eat for Nate's birthday. He picked On The Border -- his favorite restaurant. :)

The girls at OnTheBorder in the outfits they chose.

The Birthday Boy and his 2 girls.

Happy Birthday Nate!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!

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